Pergola Building Tips

The use of pergolas in outdoor spaces is very popular. These open-air additions clearly define space and provide dappled shade for patios, outdoor kitchens, and lounging spaces. Although prefabricated pergolas and DIY options are available, the final cost may be more than most individuals can afford.

There is a wide variety of pergola designs, so it’s feasible to create one that suits your home and skill level in home improvement projects. If you want to get the most out of your DIY pergola-building project, consider the following advice.

Decide On A Style

Pergolas can be attached to a structure through a cantilever or they can stand on their own. Whether going for a classic aesthetic or a more modern one, they often include straight lines and no overhanging rafters.

DIY Pergola designs are widely available, with many available online and including detailed instructions and lists of materials. 

Consider Permits and Underground Infrastructure Networks

Permits are often needed to construct freestanding structures like pergolas, particularly when you intend to connect the pergola to your house. 

Find out if there are any size or location constraints, and if a permit is required before you get started.

It is important to ensure that there are no underground power, gas or telecommunications lines in the area you plan to dig. You will need to contact the relevant advisory body to confirm this prior to commencing your project. 

Select Your Timber

There are a wide variety of materials available for your pergola project. You should consider whether the pergola will be exposed to rain when deciding on a timber species. H3 (rated for outdoor, above-ground building) treated pine, ironwood (H3 treated Victorian hardwood), and other Australian high density hardwoods (blackbutt or spotted gum), or imported hardwood such as Merbau are all commonly used in pergolas. 

Cut Everything Before Assembly

Making sure all of your posts and boards are cut to the right size, and sealed or painted, before you start assembling your pergola will make the process much easier. 

Securing Posts

We have various products to secure your posts, either in ground or above ground. 

Pergola Structure

We timber in a range of sizes to suit all the spans that you may need from rafters to ridge beams to batons and fascia. 


Depending on the level of light and the aspect your pergola faces, you have many choices of coverings. Whether you select total blockout for a pitched roof pergola using Colourbond roofing, or a south facing pergola attached to your house that you still want to allow as much light in while being protected from the heat in summer. 


We have everything you need to build the best pergola for your needs. 

Both the value of your home and the quality of your time spent outside may be enhanced by installing a pergola to suit your backyard landscaping and having it built on your property.  

Our expert staff can guide you with all your material selections to ensure you get the best result. 

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