Deck Maintenance Tips

Deck Maintenance Tips

Decks are comfortable, relaxing places to spend time outside, and are an extension of your home. Natural timber decks look great with any style of home, while composite decks (a combination of plastic and timber) are long-lasting and simple to maintain.  However, your deck’s durability might be compromised by prolonged exposure to the outdoors. The […]

Pergola Building Tips

Pergola With Lights And Curtains Pergola Building Tips

The use of pergolas in outdoor spaces is very popular. These open-air additions clearly define space and provide dappled shade for patios, outdoor kitchens, and lounging spaces. Although prefabricated pergolas and DIY options are available, the final cost may be more than most individuals can afford. There is a wide variety of pergola designs, so […]

Using Sleepers In Your Garden

Wooden Stairs In The Garden Using Sleepers In Your Garden

Pine is a strong and resilient wood that will last for many years with proper care. The natural decay of pine is slowed by a chemical infusion technique. Pine that has been treated will be more durable and resistant to rot and insect infestations.  Because of this, treated pine sleepers may be used as a […]