Meranti Door & Window Stiles


Meranti door and window Stiles refer to components used in constructing doors and windows, particularly those made from Meranti timber.

  • Meranti Timber: Meranti is a versatile hardwood species native to Southeast Asia, commonly used in construction and woodworking due to its durability, stability, and attractive appearance. It belongs to the Shorea genus and encompasses several species that vary in color and grain pattern.
  • Stiles Definition: In door and window construction, stiles are the vertical or upright components that form the sides of the frame. They provide structural support and contribute to the overall stability of the door or window.
  • Usage: Meranti door and window stiles are used primarily for:
    • Door Frames: Stiles form the vertical sides of door frames, providing support and structure for the door.
    • Window Frames: Stiles are also used in window frames to support the glass and window sash, ensuring stability and functionality.
  • Characteristics:
    • Durability: Meranti is known for its natural resistance to decay and insect attack, making it suitable for exterior applications such as doors and windows.
    • Appearance: Meranti timber has a generally uniform texture with a moderate to coarse grain pattern. It ranges in colour from pale pink to reddish-brown, often with darker streaks or veins.