Cement Australia Bagged Products


Cement Australia offers a range of bagged cementitious products designed for various construction, building, and DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. Here are some of the typical bagged products offered by Cement Australia:

General Purpose Cement: This is a versatile cement suitable for a wide range of applications such as concrete, mortar, rendering, and DIY projects.

Builders Cement: Builders cement is a blended cement that typically contains higher proportions of clinker compared to general-purpose cement.

Rapid Set Concrete: This product is a premixed concrete blend designed to set rapidly when mixed with water.

High-Strength Concrete: High-strength concrete mixes are formulated to achieve higher compressive strength compared to standard concrete mixes.

Mortar Mix: Mortar mix is a blend of cement, sand, and additives designed for laying bricks, blocks, and stone in masonry construction.

Sand and Cement Mix: This product combines cement with graded sand to create a pre-mixed mortar suitable for general-purpose applications such as patching, rendering, and bricklaying.

Concrete Mix: Concrete mix is a pre-blended mixture of cement, sand, and aggregate (stones or gravel) that only requires the addition of water.

Hydrated Lime: Hydrated lime is often used in conjunction with cement and sand to create lime mortars or lime renders.

Off-White Cement: Off-white cement is a specialty cement that has a lighter color compared to standard grey cement.