Cavity Door Pockets To Suit 2040 And 2340


Cavity door pockets to suit 2040mm and 2340mm refer to components used in the installation of cavity sliding doors, which are doors that slide into a concealed pocket within the wall rather than swinging open like traditional hinged doors.

  • Cavity Door Pockets: These are metal frames or kits designed to create the structural framework within a wall cavity to accommodate a sliding door. They are installed during the construction or renovation phase to allow the door to slide smoothly into and out of the wall pocket.
  • Suitability for 2040mm and 2340mm Doors:
    • 2040mm: Refers to standard door height dimensions of 2040mm (approximately 6 feet 8 inches).
    • 2340mm: Refers to taller door height dimensions of 2340mm (approximately 7 feet 8 inches).

    The cavity door pockets are specified to accommodate doors of these heights, ensuring that the pocket is appropriately sized to fit the door and allow for smooth operation.

We have the solution you need, whether you want a sliding door that blends into the background quietly or a feature opening to make a statement.