Corinthian Metal Frame Cavity Door Pockets


Corinthian Metal Frame Cavity Door Pockets refer to a specific type of door pocket system designed and manufactured by Corinthian Doors, a company specializing in interior and exterior door solutions. Here’s a breakdown of what these terms typically mean:

  1. Metal Frame: This indicates that the door pocket system utilizes a metal frame structure. Metal frames are often chosen for their strength, durability, and resistance to warping or twisting, which can be advantageous in maintaining the structural integrity of the door pocket over time.
  2. Cavity Door: A cavity door (also known as a pocket door) is a sliding door that disappears into a compartment (cavity) within the wall when opened. This type of door is ideal for saving space compared to traditional hinged doors that swing open and require floor space to operate.
  3. Pockets: The term “pockets” in this context refers to the cavity or compartment within the wall where the door slides into when opened. This compartment is often concealed within the wall and allows the door to slide smoothly in and out of view.