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A large hardwood grown in the rich soils of the high rainfall areas between Sydney and Cairns. Its known as one of the most difficult timbers to burn in Australia

The Best Merbau Decking Suppliers Melbourne

With an abundance of natural oil, this dark reddish-brown hardwood timber is ideal for outdoor furniture and decking.

Merbau is an attractive hardwood hailing from South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, Pacific islands and northern Queensland. Renowned for its natural durability and strength it finds use externally in engineering construction marine applications.

Merbau is popularly found both outdoors in backyard settings as patio furniture, as well as inside as joinery, flooring or any number of applications.

Merbau wood comes from tropical forests; in some instances it may also come from legal conversion or inadequate controls on these forests. Australia does offer certified merbau lumber so we recommend checking with your supplier. Certification systems including DNA tracking can offer assurances that this wood comes from legal, well managed forests.

Merbau trees can be found throughout North Queensland, Malaysia, Fiji, Vietnam and Southeast Asia such as Philippines and Madagascar; their range extending further in Thailand, Solomon Islands New Caledonia Vanuatu Samoa where their natural environment makes for suitable growing conditions. It boasts up to 40 metres height in its prime environment while boasting an estimated trunk diameter of just under 6m with numerous local names, often creating an expansive canopy when mature.

Freshly cut heartwood has an eye-catching yellow-orange brown hue which deepens or reddens with age, in stark contrast with its paler yellow or buff hued sapwood of Merbau, known for being white, pale yellow or buff coloured and vulnerable to Lyctid Borer attack if left untreated; otherwise merbau is relatively resistant against termites as long as its grain remains interlocked or wavy and coarse but even texture which often attracts backsawn material users.

With proper paint, stain, and polish applied it should look fine; however, gum bleed may occur.

Merbau is an adaptable wood product. Used extensively in large-scale construction projects as well as outdoor settings such as barbeque trolleys, it also makes an attractive flooring material with exceptional turning abilities that makes for quick hand tool cutting times – ideal for joinery, flooring and fitting purposes as well as cabinet making, musical instrument construction, boat building projects and carving tool handles.


Merbau trees can reach 40 metres tall in their natural environment with trunk diameter of up to 0.6 metres, often forming spreading canopies. Once cut, their heartwood has an initial yellowish-brown or orange-brown tone before darkening into pale to dark reddish brown; contrast this against its sapwood which typically appears white, pale yellow or buff-coloured; its wood grain often interlocked or wavy for creating ribbon figures on radial surfaces and coarse but even texture with distinctive oily aroma when cut!

Merbau has many practical uses across engineering, construction, marine and furnishings – both indoors and out. Common infrastructure applications of Merbau include cross arms, bridge building piles sleepers posts wharves mining timbers as well as framing decking treads framing framing decking treads framing as well as marine application in boats decks vats musical instruments tool handles tool handles tool handles tool handles turning paneling joinery shop fitting cabinet making parquet flooring carving veneer counter and bench tops


Merbau wood takes well to painting, staining and polishing processes but may sometimes display gum bleed-through or oily patches during finishing stages. Furthermore, its vessels contain yellow coloring which stain fabrics and concrete surfaces when left exposed for extended periods. Although relatively straightforward with hand tools for turning purposes and fairly variable in terms of machine production (though usually clean cutting edges exist), cutting operations sometimes experience blunting or gumminess effects on their cutting edges which might need sharpening regularly (some cutting edges might even blunt). Merbau tends to split easily when not pre-bored prior to fastenings being secured securely on an edge unless pre-bored prior to fastenings being secured securely within.

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Silvertop Ash Decking Melbourne

Silvertop Ash Decking Melbourne

Silvertop Ash decking is a unique looking timber. It has distinctive features including pencil streaks, noticeable growth rings, and gum veins that give it a rustic appearance and a point of difference.

It has an inherent resistance to fire which qualifies it for a BAL rating of 29 (provided it is a minimum of 18mm thick). This makes it a popular and less expensive choice than Spotted Gum and Ironbark in BAL rated areas.

Silvertop Ash, a large native Australian hardwood, is one of seven hardwoods that have been proven to be suitable for homes located in bushfire-prone areas. Silvertop Ash Timber’s Heartwood is typically brown with a pinkish tint. Silvertop Ash Timber has a medium texture. The grain can be interlocked or show gum veins. Silvertop Ash is easily available along the central and southern east coasts of Australia. The timber is relatively easy to handle.

Silvertop Ash decking timber is available in 86×19, 90×22, 135×19 & 134×22.

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Pine is a popular choice for decking. While the colour can vary according to the treatment applied, it usually has a beautiful warm golden colour.

Spotted Gum Decking

Spotted Gum decking timber is a native Australian Hardwood noted for its distinct appearance, attractive markings and long durability. It has smooth bark that is shed in patches giving the trees their characteristic spotted appearance. It is a popular choice particularly in bush fire-prone areas as it is naturally fire resistant, (provided thicker than 18mm). With its unique look Spotted Gum portrays an appearance of elegance and difference regardless of the application it is used in.

Decking made from spotted gum is durable and has superior properties. These include high density, hardness and strength.

The remarkable density of the wood allows it to shrink and move less than other decking materials. The spotted gum is naturally resistant to stains, termites and fire. It is recommended timber for bushfire-prone regions.

Spotted gum decking timber is a durable decking material that can withstand the harsh Australian climate. It can also withstand the daily wear and tear of everyday use for a long time. It’s not hard to understand why there is a high demand for spotted-gum timber decking in Melbourne.

It’s available in 64×19, 86×19, 135×19